I’m so ready to celebrate the reputation album (released last year) live exactly 1 month from today! It’s what got me back into calligraphy seriously! During the long sprinter (snow all spring = winter + spring) I spent time getting my own shirt & pants done. I used my bowdabra with the ribbons from the patch bags and made myself a headband. I spent $ on the patches & stickers that were available via the online store and my skills to put together my own unique look! I’ve lived with the music so I went with the “Little games/let the games begin” theme for my look.

There’s a line in “Nice things” where she sings “Here’s to my mama – had to listen to all this drama” so I went with that and put a twist on it for my mom’s shirt. I wrote it out on a piece of paper and traced it with fabric markers! I just have to flip it inside out and set it with the iron then her shirt is done. I also have a fixed writing I did months ago with a misspelling (I redid it with proper spelling) and wrote out the track listing in colorful calligraphy inks that I hope to get to her somehow! I’m within the proper size of 11 x 17 for my sign and no battery lights allowed (but we get a light up bracelet at the show). I just hope the ticketmaster mobile app works since that is my ticket in!