I’ve known my friend Lynn for a few years now. We met a couple years after I arrived in Minnesota from my former life in northern Georgia. I met her mom (but not her dad) before when we lived at the same apartment building. When out for a friends dinner recently she passed along an invite to their 50th anniversary on May 5th. I said “Oh no, I already have plans but would love to send a card” so she gave me their address. I decided I would do calligraphy on the envelope and simply sign the card with my name inside.

It’s also the same date as my cousin’s graduation from engineering college in Rapid City, SD and several other local events that I won’t be partaking in.

While I’m enjoying the concert with Kenny Chesney, Thomas Rhett, Old Dominion & Brandon Lay I’ll think of them for every love song I hear. I’ve had the tickets for months and am excited to attend this show!

Below is a photo of the finished envelope with addresses blocked for privacy.