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If you have any other questions please contact me via e-mail 

Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance yet.I’d love the chance to help make your big day special! I might even give you a little discount for being the first so long as I can start a portfolio with it!

My youngest cousin is newly engaged so hoping for a shot!

After seeing how saturated it is I decided not to go that route. I opted to set up this website instead as well as instagram and other media. I also optimized my own SEO so I’m findable via google for my location.

Absolutely! I have converters to use bottled ink in my pen! Although I don’t intend to mix my own colors I can definitely get special colors that are already available for order online! Bottled ink will need to be compatible with fountain pens.

After much practice with markers I’m feeling more confident. I’ll just need to acquire the proper pen!

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