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Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance. I only got back into the writing recently but if you like my style I’d love the chance to help make your big day special! I might even give you a little discount for being the first so long as I can start a portfolio with it!

After seeing how saturated it is I decided not to go that route. I opted to set up this website instead as well as instagram and other media. I also optimized my own SEO so I’m findable via google for my location.

Absolutely! I have converters to use bottled ink in my pen! Although I don’t intend to mix my own colors I can definitely get special colors that are already available for order online! Bottled ink will need to be compatible with fountain pens.

I will be offering modern calligraphy beginning September 2018! Intsead of the traditional pens, nibs & ink I will be using Crayola markers for the style.

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