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Calligraphy writing services available in the USA only!

Re-opening June 10! More information


Additional services available via Frozen Peach Shoppe

Oh, hello there! I’m Jennifer and I’ve been practicing classic calligraphy since my tween years in the mid 1990’s when I learned it in an after school program. I’m comfortable doing my absolute best work by hand. To save time and money I can create preset layouts on my computer, print and fill in the details by hand!

Hand-written calligraphy from Morris, MN for weddings, anniversaries, graduation and more! 

When I reach 100 followers I’ll select a lucky follower for a FREE custom mini poster! Scroll down for socials!

I will also give away free custom small decal stickers or magnets randomly as the followers grow!

I’m NOT paying for followers. I expect my following will grow on its own!

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I don’t chat via social media often. Please use my contact form or live chat here, thanks!

I do not outsource and have no plans to do so. I will personally respond to inquiries asap.

To prevent fraud I require Paypal + paypal fee and I do NOT accept overpayment, nor will I pay any 3rd party for you. 

I don’t offer ANY custom writing services outside the USA

Writing styles

Traditional & modern styles

Nib sizes, paper & ink colors

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