I already had to glue the barrel of 1 pen back together as there were cracks where the nib screws into the pen. I’ve also had 2 nibs break on me at the point where they screw into the pen barrel with ink stuck in it. I did manage to get the broken nib screw out of the barrel. If I remove the ink cartridge (easy) and pen cap I’m going to try using gorilla glue to reattach the screw to the nib, if not the nib is going in the trash!

Speaking of ink the flow isn’t very good and I have to keep running the nib under water to get the ink to write at all!

The bad reviews of the same kit on amazon ring true for me and I was just performing normal use and not putting extreme pressure on them.

After I use up my Staedtler supplies I will be using strictly Sheaffer fountain pens, nibs and ink because they have been more reliable for me with good flow of ink and no problems with the nibs or barrels. I’m satisfied with Sheaffer and can acqiure additional ink colors via amazon or ebay!