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Writing Styles

I am currently offering a small variety different writing styles as shown below. The traditional styles are done with fountain pen and ink. I’m using brush markers for the modern style.

Nibs & Ink Colors

You’ll have to be specific when requesting color and select the brand of ink + pen. Look closely for the green & yellow at the bottom of the Staedtler! Photos of each nib shown for comparison.

Parchment Paper

I have a sampler pack of multiple colors including:

  • Ivory
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Blue
  • Gray

But if you need another color click the button below and let me know!

Printed Products

Whether you need paper goods or T-shirts & more I highly recommend these 3 online services. I have used all 3 personally and they are fast to complete and ship every order! I haven’t been disappointed yet!

It’s free to create an account and upload designs/photos etc, just pay for products!

I have a cafepress store and will happily customize anything you need there!

I intend to set up as a vistaprint reseller when I start getting customers who need that stuff!

I’ve also tried – they’re ok for quick items but a little confusing with the interface and store set up.


They cover T-shirts and the like, though they also have postcards & cards as well.


I mainly use Shutterfly for photos & paper-based products though they have more.


I mainly use Vistaprint for my business cards though they have paper goods & products.

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